Optimal Balance™:
Micronutrients to Support Healthy Sleep

sleep, insomnia, micronutrients

Optimal Balance™ is a powerful, highly absorbable micronutrient complex scientifically designed to deliver the essential nutrients missing from even carefully selected diets.

Don’t cheat yourself: Science has proven that quality of supplementation can affect stress, sleep, and even disease prevention.

sleep, insomnia, micronutrients
  • Non-GMO, Gluten/sugar-free, veggie caps.

    Optimal Balance™ is a vegetarian supplement without sugar, GMOs or gluten.

  • Allows for maximum absorption.

    The particle sizes of our carefully sourced ingredients, combined with the NutraTek Chelation complex, helps The Optimal Balance™ be highly absorbable.

  • Proven to help with sleep.*

    In a recent study, Optimal Balance™ was shown to improve sleep quality, including in participants suffering from insomnia.

Backed By Independent University Research

University researchers found that Optimal Balance™ significantly improved sleep problems and stress when taken at a dose of 6 capsules/day.
They commented that “there is a well-established link between insomnia and stress.”§
daily self defense, study, research, insomnia, stress, sleep
“Treatment completers reported reliable and clinically significant change in insomnia severity…stress…and on at least two aspects of sleep measured by the CDS-M. All completers were treatment-compliant, and side effects were minimal.”
– Dr. Julia J. Rucklidge, University of Canterbury
††Average Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale subscore (n = 9)
** Significant with 99% confidence (p<0.01); ‘Very large’ effect size (Cohen’s d = 2.43).

†Average Pittsburgh Insomnia Rating Scale score (n = 9)
*** Significant with 99.9% confidence (p<0.001); ‘Huge’ effect size (Cohen’s d = 3.45).
§“Effect of Micronutrients on Insomnia in Adults”, A Multiple-Baseline Study. Joanna Lothian, Neville M. Blampied, Julia J. Rucklidge, Department of Psychology, University of Canterbury, 2016

Optimal Balance™

The Optimal Balance™ micronutrient formulation is used by men, women and children worldwide as a safe and effective vitamin mineral complex because it provides more than 30 essential nutrients at levels shown to support the healthiest lifestyles.

daily self defense, sleep, insomnia, micronutrientsdaily self defense, micronutrients, sleep, insomnia
  • Contains 30+ Essential Nutrients.

    Optimal Balance™ contains all the vitamins and minerals science has identified as essential.

  • Balanced for synergistic effectiveness.

    The ingredients in Optimal Balance™ are balanced, at optimum levels, to work best together.

  • Can Help With Stress.*

    Optimal Balance™ has been shown in recent research, as well as reported, to help with mild and moderate stress.

daily self defense, micronutrients, sleep, insomnia, research, study, stress

A recent study showed how Optimal Balance™ significantly improved sleep quality in individuals suffering from insomnia and stress.


Children Can Experience the Health Benefits of Taking Optimal Balance™

daily self defense, micronutrients, sleep, insomnia

Optimal Balance™ is designed especially for men and women; however, children can experience the health benefits of taking Optimal Balance™ as well. Children nine and older can take the full recommended dose, just like adults. Children ages four to eight may take three capsules of Optimal Balance™ per day, or a level recommended by their health professional.

Clinical Micronutrients

daily essential nutrients, micronutrients, clinical micronutrients

If you have a mental health diagnosis or are looking for clinical strength micronutrients, learn more about Daily Essential Nutrients .

“As a mother of three young children I had begun to really doubt that I would ever feel myself again. With so little time to spend on “me,” I felt like I was literally losing myself and any strength or redeeming quality I had ever had because I was constantly forced to function moment by moment at the mercy of every demand of my kids or keeping our home presentable. I would end the day feeling guilty over all of the times I had lost my patience or felt too exhausted to spend ample quality time with my children, not to mention having a clean house and healthy food on the table. Then, I started taking the Optimal Balance supplement. Within the first few weeks I saw a drastic change in my whole being! I felt my pleasant personality returning along with the sweet happy woman that I deemed would forever be smothered by ever-changing hormones and the needs of growing little ones. I take one dose with each meal during the day, and I honestly notice a difference even in forgetting for just one day. These help me stay balanced and functioning at my highest level of goodness. In essence, they help me feel and be my best me. “Christina S., Everett, WA, Customer Since 2017

VIDEO: Why Supplementing Correctly Truly Matters.

Unlike most multi-vitamin mineral supplements, the nutrients in Optimal Balance™ are highly absorbable which makes it a smart choice for the entire family.
daily self defense, micronutrients, sleep, insomnia, stress, research, study, nutratek
“At this point…I would assume you have tried almost everything by now. Taking the chance on ONE more option was the BEST thing I did. I was tired of the meds, the vitamins, where you have to take 6-15 pills a day (even though they worked). If you are desperate like I was, give it a shot. I noticed even after 1 month an improvement. And the more I used it the better the improvement…. How awesome is that? …If I forget to order and have to go without it, I SO notice it! …I highly recommend it.”Stacey S, Customer Since 2016

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