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How to Achieve Success
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Transitioning to Daily Essential Nutrients

Daily Essential Nutrients is the world’s most research-backed supplement for mood and mental health. Over 30 independent studies carried out by university researchers worldwide back the safety and efficacy of DEN for a wide range of symptoms.

For adults and children getting started with Daily Essential Nutrients, there are a few key things you’ll need to know in order to have the best chance at success.

1. Learn the process

How To Successfully Transition to Daily Essential Nutrients

Whether you are transitioning from meds or not, there are some important things you should know about getting started with micronutrients. This short video from founder David Hardy covers the answers to questions most people have about dosage and what to expect.

NOTE: It is imperative that individuals who are using psychiatric medications work with their doctor and speak with a Product Specialist for guidance on drug interactions and dosage.
2. Get guidance

Product Specialist Support

Our highly experienced Product Specialists are available Monday through Friday to help you. They can prepare you to talk to your doctor about transitioning to micronutrients, as well as guide you through the transition process. People who are on psychiatric medications often need extra assistance with dosing, gut balance, and withdrawal symptoms. Call or text us at 855-955-1114 or schedule an appointment below.

3. Track your progress

Using our Wellness Tracker

The Hardy Wellness Tracker provides dosage reminders, medication interaction notices, mood charting, and more. It can help you be more successful and earn you discounts on future purchases. When you first enter the Hardy Wellness Tracker, it will walk you through a set-up process that asks questions related to your overall health, mental wellness, and circumstances in order to customize your experience and help improve your personal results.

More Helpful Resources

In order to have the best chance at being successful while using Daily Essential Nutrients, you should consider taking advantage of these useful tools:

Find a Provider

If you’re interested in finding a healthcare provider trained in the use of micronutrients in your area, check out our Health Professional Locator. If you are using psychiatric medications, we highly recommend working with a healthcare provider who is well-versed in medication reduction protocols.

Gut Health Quiz

 This Gut Health Quiz can help you determine whether or not you may have a microbiome imbalance, which affects absorbability. If the score is high, we will recommend additional steps that should be taken to improve your gut microflora in order to properly absorb the micronutrients.

Close up portrait of a happy businesswoman with smartphone lying in hotel in bed

Discussion Group

Our Daily Essential Nutrients discussion group is a place to collaborate with other Hardy customers.  In this private Facebook group, our customers share their experiences using our micronutrients. Connecting with others can help you be more successful.

Keep in Touch

We publish monthly updates to help you along your journey to wellness. New product announcements, ingredient updates, soundbites from our scientists, videos from healthcare professionals, and stories from customers can all help you be successful. Sign up to stay up to date.

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