Getting Started With Micronutrients: Three Simple Steps

Hardy Nutritionals® micronutrients are the world’s most research-backed supplements for mood and mental health. Thousands of individuals have found balance using our micronutrients and our free one-on-one support.

STEP 1: Take the Quiz

Do you need clinical strength or regular strength micronutrients? Should you try our micronutrients with added vitamers or the classic formulation?  Powder or capsules?

STEP 2: Fill Out the Intake Form

While you await your shipment, we need to know what medications you are taking (or have taken) and any lifestyle factors you are experiencing so we can personalize your wellness plan.

STEP 3: Meet with a Wellness Advisor

When you’re ready to start taking micronutrients, be sure to take advantage of our free one-on-one support for personalized guidance through your journey to wellness. You deserve the best chance at success.