The World’s Most Complete Prenatal Supplement

Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal
is clinically proven to improve
pre and postnatal development.

The most complete vitamin-mineral supplement for a healthy baby
and balanced recovery

Broad Spectrum Micronutrients
for Expectant Mothers

Daily Essential Nutrients is
clinically proven to improve
pre and postnatal development.

Micronutrients proven to help mom and baby grow.

Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal:
Clinical Strength Vitamins & Minerals

Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal provides the solid nutritional foundation required to optimize health for both mom and baby from pre-conception through lactation. Count on DEN Prenatal to deliver unmatched results compared with over-the-counter prenatal supplements because it is backed by decades of independent research for safety and effectiveness.

Developing and nursing a new baby takes good nutrition and proper supplementation. DEN-P helps mom get the protection and fortification she needs for all stages of development: before, during, and after pregnancy.

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The Most Complete Prenatal Vitamin-Mineral Supplement

Essentials for every stage

Throughout all stages of pre and postnatal development, every biological process in the body requires more than the minimum when it comes to critical nutrients.


Daily Essential Nutrients delivers every essential vitamin and mineral babies need for their brain and body to develop optimally—and that moms need to thrive—throughout the pre- and postnatal journey.

Perfectly Balanced for Maximum Effectiveness

Optimizing your health

The critical nutrient ratios are proven to promote optimal focus, cognitive function, mental clarity, and mood stability.


Each ingredient is balanced to the others according to findings from over 40+ independent studies at levels proven to improve overall health and mental well-being. When compared to other prenatal supplements,
DEN-Prenatal is the most balanced and the most complete.

Optimized for Mom & Baby to Thrive

Maximum bioavailability

Our NutraTek™ mineral chelation maximizes bioavailability, absorption, and delivery throughout the body, enhancing brain function and fetal development.

While other prenatal vitamin supplements are mostly excreted, Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal is formulated to be absorbed and put to use in the body every day.

Ingredients – What’s in Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal?

Every Essential Vitamin & Mineral

Don’t take chances when it comes to supplementing for your and your baby’s health. Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal includes every single essential vitamin and mineral in a format the body can absorb, so the nutrients don’t go to waste.


Eating healthy is half the battle, but you won’t be able to get levels like these from even the best diets. Ensure you and your baby have the best chance at optimal development by supplementing properly. For best results, take three servings per day.

Why Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal?



Daily Essential Nutrients is backed by 40+ independent medical journal publications for mood, cognition, anxiety, and stress—in both children and adults.  It works, and we have the research to prove it.



We take product safety seriously.  That’s why we only use the highest grade and best forms of each nutrient before we microgrind and chelate for maximum absorption.  Our facility is GMP certified, NSF certified, and our ingredients are top eight allergen-free, soy-free, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, and rigorously tested.



Struggling with mood, focus or stress can be debilitating and affect entire families.  While Daily Essential Nutrients is recommended by doctors worldwide, no prescription is required. Results reported by our customers are overwhelmingly positive.

Supporting body & brain

The Science Behind the Formula

Combining nutrition with mental health, the studies backing Daily Essential Nutrients come from labs in universities around the world.  Known as the most-researched supplement in the world for mood & mental health, DEN is recommended by psychiatrists and family practitioners worldwide.

  • Three double-blind studies on this formula with more underway
  • Backed by 40+ peer-reviewed independent trials
  • Clinically proven to help pre and post natal moms and their babies thrive
  • Highly bioavailable and absorbable into the body’s systems
  • Contains therapeutic levels of every essential vitamin & mineral

Considering micronutrients?  Watch these first.

Frequency Asked Questions

How can I order Daily Essential Nutrients?

You can order online on our website or by calling us at 855-955-1114 (Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm MST).  We ship worldwide.

What are the most important things I need to know to have success with taking Daily Essential Nutrients?

Understanding these important factors will make all the difference in your success using Hardy micronutrients: The brain and body need optimal nutrition to function correctly. Consistent and regular intake of Daily Essential Nutrients ensures that your nutritional foundation is solid.   Gut health is critically important. Without adequate gut health, you won’t properly absorb the nutrients you need. Take our Gut Health quiz to learn more.

If you are currently taking psychiatric medication, it is important that you talk to your doctor before transitioning to micronutrients. You may be able to take micronutrients and medications together, depending on your situation. Be sure to watch this video before you get started.

You can also text or call our Product Specialists for help when starting micronutrients. We are standing by Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MT, via phone or text at 855-955-1114.

How soon should I expect to see results?

Many individuals begin to report dramatic results within a few days; however, Daily Essential Nutrients typically produces results gradually over a period of several weeks or months (and sometimes longer for certain conditions). Medical journal publications have reported impressive results in people who took our products at recommended levels for at least 8 weeks. But it’s safe to say that no one will see the full benefits of Daily Essential Nutrients in just 8 weeks— many people continue to report subtle improvements for years after.

How much do I need to take?

For adults and children age 6 and over, the recommended dose of Daily Essential Nutrients—4 capsules, 3 times per day, with meals—is based on extensive clinical experience addressing various symptoms in thousands of people, including adults, adolescents, and children. Independent university research has shown that people respond best, particularly in the first few months, by consistently taking the recommended dose. If using our powder form, the therapeutic dosage is 3 scoops per day.

How much do children need to take?

In general, we recommend the following initial dosages of Daily Essential Nutrients for children diagnosed with psychiatric conditions, based on published research and clinical experience:

  • 2-3 years: Work up to 4 capsules/day (with food).
  • 4-5 years: Work up to 8 capsules/day (with food).
  • 6 years or older: Work up to 12 capsules/day (with food).

For those using the powder form, 1 scoop of powder is equivalent to 4 capsules.

Is this a vegan friendly product?

Yes. Daily Essential Nutrients is completely vegan and contains no animal by-products.

Is Daily Essential Nutrients top 8 allergen free?

Yes. Daily Essential Nutrients is wheat, peanut, egg, dairy, fish, nut, soy, and shellfish-free.

Is Daily Essential Nutrients non-GMO?

Yes. Daily Essential Nutrients is free from GMOs.

How do I get started?

The simplest way is to take one capsule 3 times per day the first day, two capsules 3 times per day the second day, three capsules 3 times per day the third day, and by the fourth day, you’ll be taking the full recommended dose of 4 capsules 3 times per day. Most people have no problem tolerating Daily Essential Nutrients when they gradually introduce it in this way. Those who may be sensitive can choose to increase the dose more gradually.

Can I stop taking Daily Essential Nutrients once I’ve seen a positive response?

Supplying your body with nutrients on a regular daily basis will ensure your body gets the critical and essential ingredients it needs for maximum wellness and optimal results. Consistently eating nutrient-rich food is also very important, but even if you’re carefully choosing your diet, it’s still very difficult to get all the nutrition you need from food alone. This is especially true for anyone with mood or mental health issues, because according to research, these people often have higher-than-average nutrient needs.

Over the years, researchers have documented many cases where people with mood, anxiety, or behavioral issues responded favorably to our nutrient therapies and then stopped taking it, thinking they didn’t need it anymore. The unfavorable symptoms returned. Restoring the nutrients improved their symptoms dramatically again. Most people who experience this contrast decide that it’s worth taking Daily Essential Nutrients regularly to enjoy the stability it provides.

Does Daily Essential Nutrients have any side effects at our recommended levels?

Occasionally, when people begin taking Daily Essential Nutrients, they may have looser stools than usual for a few days, but as the body adjusts to the additional nutrients, this typically normalizes, as it does when you introduce a new food to your diet. It is also normal for a person’s urine to be brighter yellow in color while they are taking micronutrients. This is a harmless side effect of taking vitamin B2 (also called riboflavin). It’s very rare for people to have any other side effects.

Do I need to add extra vitamins or minerals to Daily Essential Nutrients?

It’s rare that people need to take additional vitamins or minerals because Daily Essential Nutrients is designed to meet nearly everyone’s daily needs at the suggested serving. This all-in-one approach gives you clear advantages in terms of convenience and cost-savings.

Ready to begin?

Join thousands of people who are finding balance in an integrative, non-pharmaceutical, nutritional way.

Ready to begin?

Join thousands of people who are finding balance in an integrative, non-pharmaceutical, nutritional way.