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Helpful references for using micronutrient therapy with patients

We Work With Healthcare Professionals

At Hardy Nutritionals we work with healthcare professionals all over the world to provide evidence-based alternative treatments for mood and mental health.

For patients who are medication-averse, clinical micronutrient therapy can be an effective option when it comes to treating a wide range of symptoms. At Hardy Nutritionals, we help support healthcare professionals and their patients as they navigate the transition to micronutrients.

Review the research

Daily Essential Nutrients: The World’s Most Research-Backed Supplement for Mood & Mental Health

The 40+ independently funded third-party research studies backing Daily Essential Nutrients include double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trials for mood, focus, behavior, stress, and cognitive functioning. Read the studies or download the study summary to learn more.

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Access Provider Benefits

Licensed healthcare providers who open a professional account with Hardy Nutritionals are able to access the following features:

-Access to Clinical Micronutrient Therapy Training Course
-Ability to review patient cases with the Hardy Science Team
-Health Professional discounts on all products
-Referral codes for patient savings
-Listing on our Health Professional Locator
-Access to printed literature
-Instant access to wholesale pricing after completion of clinical micronutrient training
-Complementary products valued at $230+ to try with patients

Increase your knowledge

Access the Clinical Micronutrients Training Course

We know that you have questions and that your patients will, too. That’s why we offer a free Clinical Micronutrient Training Course for healthcare providers. This course consists of three modules with a focus on dosage, safety, protocols, drug-nutrient interactions, and limiting factors. Throughout the course, you will have access to our Science Team to discuss cases or any specific questions you may have.

More Helpful Resources

In order to have the best experience while using or recommending Daily Essential Nutrients, we recommend taking advantage of these useful tools.

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Hear from other providers

Hundreds of healthcare professionals around the world use and recommend Hardy Nutritionals supplements with their patients and clients. Hear from them and get to know their experiences.


Access clinical references

We have put together a library of clinical references to support the professional use of micronutrients. Access dosing information, medication reduction protocols, frequently asked questions, and more.

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Get new patient referrals

Health professionals trained in the use of clinical micronutrients can be featured on our locator. Patients who are searching for a provider can search in their area and get connected with the clinician of their choice.

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