Improve Mood & Focus
in Children & Adults

Daily Essential Nutrients helps
to reduce inattention & anxiety.

Top 8 allergen-free, no side effects, natural.

Daily Essential Nutrients: Clinical Strength Micronutrients

For children and adults struggling with mood swings, attention issues and anxiety, life can be tough.  It’s natural to feel unsure of what will help — medications with possible side-effects or a long list of supplements.

Daily Essential Nutrients provides hope.  Through a scientific approach, it addresses root cause.  It helps the body at the source of the anxiety and hyperactivity to function optimally.

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Powerful outcomes

Success Story

“The difference in my son is undeniable.  It’s not a magic wand, but it makes it possible for him to maintain for a much longer period of time.  With him, it’s the difference between absolute chaos every day and living a life that is doable…”


Why Daily Essential Nutrients?



Daily Essential Nutrients is backed by independent medical journal publications for moderate to severe mood swings, behavior, aggression and stress–in both children and adults.  It works and we have the research to prove it.



We take product safety seriously.  That’s why we only use the highest grade, best forms of each nutrient before we microgrind and chelate for maximum absorption.  Our facility is GMP certified and our ingredients are allergen-free, soy-free, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free and rigorously tested.



Struggling with mood, focus or stress can be debilitating and affects entire families.  While Daily Essential Nutrients is recommended by doctors worldwide, no prescription is required.

Supporting body & brain

The Science Behind the Formula

Combining nutrition with mental health, the studies backing Daily Essential Nutrients come from labs in universities around the world.  Known as the most-researched supplement in the world for mood & mental health, DEN is recommended by psychiatrists and family practitioners worldwide.

  • ● Three double-blind studies on this formula
  • ● Backed by 30+ peer-reviewed independent trials
  • ● FDA approved as an investigational new treatment for ADHD
  • ● Clinically proven to improve mood, reduce anxiety, support focus
Balanced ingredients

What’s in it?

Daily Essential Nutrients is packed with every single vitamin and mineral science has shown to be essential for humans.  Each ingredient is offered at the optimal therapeutic level, well within safety guidelines.  Each vitamin and mineral is provided in the most absorbable forms using our NutraTek™ chelation complex, so the body can put them to good use.

Finding Balance Without Side-Effects

Our customers share their personal experiences.

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Ready to begin?

Join thousands of people who are finding balance in an integrative, non-pharmaceutical, nutritional way.

Ready to begin?

Join with thousands of people who are finding balance in an integrative, non-pharmaceutical, nutritional way.