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Hardy Nutritionals® works with healthcare providers worldwide to provide viable alternative treatment options to patients.
“As a researcher, I can say that David’s nutritional formulas have the most scientific evidence of any in the world for improving mental disorders.
I especially recommend this to all health professionals.” Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, University of Calgary
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Daily Essential Nutrients is a clinical-strength micronutrient formulation backed by more independent mental health research than any other vitamin-mineral formulation.*

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TVZN Reports on Daily Essential Nutrients Research: ADHD, Depression

Can ADHD and Depression be treated by eating the right food?

Professor Julia Rucklidge has long suspected there may be a link between our modern diet and a rise in mental health problems. So in Christchurch, she’s carrying out a study that’s turned up some ground-breaking results: that many mental illness may be combated when we get the right nutrients. It’s controversial, but now, European scientists are taking her theory so seriously they’re backing it with a giant multi-million dollar experiment


Features & Benefits:

This NutraTek™ – enhanced micronutrient formulation is backed by extensive clinical research. It is also GMO-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan.

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    Highly Research-backed.

    The Daily Essential Nutrients formulation is backed by nearly 30 independent medical journal publications for safety and efficacy.

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    Research and clinical outcomes show that Daily Essential Nutrients is formulated at safe levels for children and adults.

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    The ingredients in Daily Essential Nutrients include 40 essential nutrients at levels required to stabilize and optimize neurological function.

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    Research shows that the Daily Essential Nutrients formulation is an effective micronutrient therapy for neurological stabilization and recovery.

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    The clinical ingredients and specialized processing of Daily Essential Nutrients are unlike over-the-counter vitamin and mineral supplements, making it ideal for clinical use.

Dr. Scott Shannon Prescribes Daily Essential Nutrients:

Watch Dr. Scott Shannon, Integrative Psychiatrist, discuss Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrient therapy and how it is helping to shape the future of functional and integrative medicine.

Independently Researched For:

  • ADHD
  • Brain Function
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Mood
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder

Many healthcare professionals are recommending Daily Essential Nutrients to patients because of the positive clinical outcomes.

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Many Patients Prefer Micronutrient Therapy.

For one reason or another, some patients simply prefer not to use psychoactive medications. For those individuals, Daily Essential Nutrients is a safe and effective option. Micronutrient therapy attempts to treat the underlying cause of mood and mental health disorders by providing essential elements at clinical levels, balanced to each other for maximum effect.


Thirty medical journal publications show the safety and efficacy of these micronutrients.

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